23 people signed the petition since October 28, 2012

Signatures for Open IAB chat rooms to new users.

ID First Name Last Name Comments IAB username
1 HansLolno Pls open chat I will show butt thx toonces
2 CookiiKong III It's dumb. Cookii
3 BobT Lol fleafly
4 EduardoGarcia This country was founded on the concept of freedom, first and foremost, and the closing of chat's borders is a danger to all its inhabitants' inherent right to come and go as they please. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Obama 2012. Edgarska19
5 AntPharm C'MON! AntPharm
6 dailybunny Pls. daily_bunny
7 FranciscoOjeda we need newbs yo Wikip
8 BrittFaye   BrittFaye07
9 MiguelCosme I agree with the point of this petition for obvious reasons. darthtomale
10 nathancooley   nakoninja